Basic Swahili Words and Phrases You Should Know…..

  • Sorry-Pole
  • What’s your name?-Jina lako ni?
  • Hello/How are you?-Habari yako(Habari yenu if more than one person)
  • Excuse-Niwie radhi
  • What is the time?-Ni saa ngapi?
  • Can you help me?-unaweza kunisaidia?
  • Safe journey-safiri salama
  • Night-Usiku
  • Daytime-Mchana
  • Morning-Asubuhi
  • Good night-Usiku njema
  • Good morning-Siku njema
  • Good bye-Kwaheri
  • Thank you-Asante Sana
  • How much does it cost?-itanigharimu pesa ngapi?
  • Today-leo
  • Tomorrow-Kesho
  • Yesterday-jana
  • Travel-Safiri
  • Welcome-Karibu

We cannot comprehensively write down all the basic words in swahili.Please feel free to comment below if you want a phrase translated or need a definition of any word.

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