Buy Online Quarry Mined Soapstone Slabs and Blocks for Carving,Commercial Use from Kenya | East Africa

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Soapstone Quarry in Gusii Land

Soapstone Quarry in Kisii soapstone-slab-blocks-2 copy Kenya offers one of the best soapstone rocks around the World. Though over the centuries, it has been largely used for carvings purposes it also has a wide range of uses including insulation for electrical components, interior d├ęcor, inlay designs, making of fireplace surrounds, welders marking crayons and more. This quite evidently shows that its uses span far and wide.Problem is soapstone is not easily found in many countries around the World and in any areas which it is available it is quickly depleting but not for Kenya which it is highly available.
Our prices vary and we have an attractive package for all our clients e.g.

  • Individual buyers-for established and amateur artisans,art enthusiasts etc
  • Art Institutions or Schools-For art students to perform their projects on
  • Commercial entities or factories- commercial use e.g for making counter tops,sinks,tiles,interior surfacing etc

We have covered this gap by offering high quality quarry mined raw soapstone for sale from the quarries of Tabaka Hills in Kenya, East Africa:-

We sell in two modes:-

  • Individual Slabs/blocks-these are typically smaller pieces and vary in sizes depending on a clients order. These are normally shipped by air. We also send samples via this mode for clients to verify before making a larger order.soapstone slabs and blocks.Order Now
  • Full container Load-this is for bulk buyers where we ship in full cargo containers (20ft or 40 ft) by sea from the Port of Mombasa in Kenya. Normally after the client has verified the samples sent earlier.

Pricing will depend on the quality, mode of shipping and size.

You can also buy our soapstone carvings from here.

For more information please send us an email via

or you can comment on this post and we will be glad to get back to you.



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