Jun 25

List of Kisii Subcounties

List of Kisii Subcounties

  1. South Mugirango
  2. Bonchari
  3. Nyaribari Chache
  4. Kitutu Chache North
  5. Nyaribari Masaba
  6. Bomachoge Chache
  7. Bobasi
  8. Kitutu Chache South
  9. Bomachoge Borabu

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Nov 10

Kisii Town Brief History

Kisii is a town found in South Western Kenya. Coordinates for the town is Coordinates: 0°41′S 34°46′E / 0.683°S 34.767°E / -0.683; 34.767 .The time zone is EAT (UTC+3) .The elevation level for the town is 1,700 m (5,577 ft). The postal code for the town is 40200 and telephone code is 058. The town was formerly the headquarters of the larger Kisii district before it was split to create Nyamira and Gucha districts. However, the town continues to serve these districts and the larger South Nyanza and Transmara region in terms of commerce. The larger Kisii district consists of four constituencies Nyaribari Chache,Kitutu  Chache,Bonchari and Nyaribari Masaba. According to the 2009 Kenya census released on August 2010, the population of Kisii was estimated to be at 2.21 million with Kisii County making it to the list of Kenya’s most populous counties with a population of over one million. It is largely an agricultural town but over the recent years it has seen tremendous growth in other areas especially business. This has led to an influx in traders to the town especially Somali traders whose main occupations are the phones shop and accessories, clothing and accessories businesses, MPESA businesses and hotels in major streets in the town. Kisii also has a considerable number of its tribesmen in the Diaspora; this has also greatly helped in the economic growth of the town with the remittances. It is also a centre town offering business connections to smaller towns in the region like Oyugis, Rongo, Nyamira, Keroka, Mosocho, Suneka.It also boasts of small airstrip in Suneka though remains largely under utilized main use being landing of small aircraft for medical rescue operations and for high profile individuals visiting the region. Though largely inhabited by the Kisii, it also inhabited by other tribe mainly Luo, Kikuyu and other smaller tribes.

Kisii County

Kisii town falls under Kisii county in Nyanza provincewhich is made up of 7 constituencies namely Bonchari, South Migirango,Bomachoge,Nyaribari Masaba,Nyaribari Chache and Kitutu Chache.

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