Apr 17

Renal Dialysis Machine In Nakuru Kenya

Dialysis Machine In Kenya NakuruRenal Dialysis Machine In Nakuru Kenya

For every 8 treatments you get one free with free psychological and nutritional counseling

Location: Valley Springs Health Care, Polo Centre , Ground Floor

Tel: 0701 956 722

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Apr 09

Group Travel Services In Kenya | Car Hire and Rentals

Group travel services in KenyaMontana Travel Agency Kenya  is offering specialized solutions for group travel services in Kenya. Targeted at individuals who wish to travel in groups and would like to enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a hired vehicle e.g.

  • Private transfers,
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Funerals
  • Dowry payment ceremonies
  • Graduation
  • Research teams and
  • More.

We have a wide network of vehicles that offer you the perfect solution that fits your group.Attractive discount and relaxed rental rates for longer rental periods.

Call or SMS Us Now on +254731344117 or leave a comment below to inquire.

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