Apr 29

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At Esagasaga night basically “Gusii night” normally held in Nairobi is always an epic moment for Gusii Music.You get to sample the best of Gusii music produced in Kenya.
Notable musicians from Kisii land:

  • Bana Sungusia
  • Embarambamba
  • Sagero
  • Mr.Ong’engo
  • John Arisi
  • Christopher Monyoncho and
  • More……

Download Kisii Music Mp3s and Videos

Sungusia -Mochumbe Free Mp3

Sungusia BOSS

Sungusia BOSS Free Mp3 on KisiiOnline.com

To Buy original Gusii Music Mp3s and Videos .Email info@kisiionline.com .We deliver within Kenya and International.

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