Feb 04

Boda Boda Riders and their queer mannerisms and habits

Now for those of us who haven’t been blessed or “kuonekiwa’ as they say on the streets with a ride, you normally have only two options, you walk to your destination or get a boda boda. Again if you fall under this category and/or you are just lazy , you don’t want to reach wherever you are going all sweaty and dusty or in a rush you will be left with only one option, you use the boda boda.First must begin with commending the riders for the invaluable service they offer to many Kenyans . They come in handy for lots of people who depend on them for daily transport. Being a regular user of this Kenyan version of the metro systems in developed countries, I have noted some queer or should I say very queer behaviors of this boda boda riders

Price hikes-these riders are just like the stage matatu conductors, they will hike adjust and readjust the different boda fares as they feel fit. They will quote weird and silly reasons why today they are charging you 50 instead of the usual 30.This  behavior tends to be fully awakened when its night, rainy or it happens to just have boarded the machine after shopping from the supermarket. Woe unto you if you are trying to get home in the middle of the night after drinks. To deal peacefully also with these guys, just try and carry lose change because the dude will get you to your destination and will just claim he doesn’t have loose for 50/= shillings?

Cassanova of sorts-apparently these dudes are really good in “hunting” for ladies. Now most ladies fall for them easy since most pose as reputable business people or corporate when in the pursuits. Apparently when the lady comes to notice the real guy, its already late. Also they don’t choose, many school girls have fallen for the trap and some even turned into wives. Clever how they do their maneuvers, maybe also those helmets also help a great deal!

Anti aquatic tendencies- just figuring out spending the entire day in the sun and/or getting rained on as you look for that evasive shilling, it makes sense when you get home you do a clothes change and a shower but you will be surprised at how unkempt most of these riders are.

Muchene fm-apparently these dudes tend to know a lot about whats happening around in most estates in town and they will force to keep a conversation about it with you are they take to your destination.

Gravity defying – many times I have to start praying after boarding a boda boda since once the dude has started riding along you  realize he is high. He will do death inviting antics on the road as he unleashes abuses to fellow riders when they almost collide. Apparently the Kenyan alcoblow should also be introduced for the riders.

You can add other habits of the boda boda riders below.

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Sep 15

Kisii Town Police and their queer habits

Kenya television Network (KTN) aired a clip of on prime time news about prostitutes’[Watch the Clip Here] .Apparently it didn’t go down well with some police seniors. Some comments by the night workers implicated the town’s police as to why the business is still operational despite being illegal in Kenya. As usual when something like that is aired, be sure in a couple of days the police will be raiding the hot spot to show some “seriousness” in maintaining the law.

You remember the one also in with the overloaded Toyota probox overloading, they all went ballistic with the operators after the airing, seizing many vehicles but  in a couple of days they were back on the road. Same goes for boda bodas and matatu operators .

Problem with this modus operandi is that it is not well thought out and usually ends up with arrests of innocent people leading to waste of time and in most cases waste of money because in one way or another you will be charged with an offense you did not commit.

From my own point of view maintenance of the law should be a long consistent process not one done in fits when things have gone haywire.


Do you have a Kisii experience which you want to share?

Post it below and we will be glad to include it in our listing.


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