Jan 27

Notice:Changes to our Online Shop.

In order to serve you better and offer an enjoyable online shopping experience we will be making changes to our online shop. The changes are aimed at making your shopping experience easier and offer value for your money. Our online shop will be split into local version (for buyers within Kenya) and International version (for buyers outside Kenya).

The Local (Kenyan) shop has been moved to our sister website www.shoppers.co.ke. It offers an assortment of products, items and offers for buyers residing in Kenya e.g. computers and accessories, electronics, books, music and more. It is even backed by a mobile payment gateway(PesaPal) that allows you to pay online for products via your M-Pesa, Airtel and Yu mobile phone numbers. Click here to visit site.

International Shop has been moved to a new domain address http://shop.kisiionline.com. This is intended for buyers residing outside Kenya and would want to buy Kenyan products for export. It is optimized according to international best e-commerce standards and employs technology that enables you to buy Kenyan products on the international markets easier and faster. It is backed by payment systems that make it easier to pay for your products using your home country currency. Click here to visit site.

For more queries please contact us on shop@kisiionline.com

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Sep 05

Alternative buying channels to KisiiOnline.com eShop

We have introduced new sales channels for our soapstone carvings for your shopping convenience. Apart from buying direct from our website, you can now order and pay for the carvings and our other range of products via the following websites.

Click on the links and you will be directed to our eshops on these websites:-

  1. Ebay
  2. TradeKey
  3. Alibaba

Please let us know other channels which you would like included by commenting on this post.


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