Jan 26

Diocese of Kisii “Our Lady of Victory” | Kisii Town Parish | Catholic | Kenya

Diocese of Kisii “Our Lady of Victory” | Kisii Town Parish

Located opposite Paramount SBA Plaza,

Contacts P.O.BOX 484-40200,KISII,KENYA


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Nov 10


Kisii is largely a Seventh Day Adventist community with majority of residents attending the local Seventh Day Adventist churches on Saturdays. Also Catholic is prominent with a cathedral at the town centre. Other denominations also exist with protestant churches like AIC, Redeemed and Deliverance churches also having a fair share of the faithful. A considerable number of Muslims in the town has also been seen in the town especially due to the increase in the number of Kenyan Somalis to the region with three mosques in the town. Considerable numbers of Indians also do exist in the town making Hindu also prominent religion but only within the Indian community.

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