Nov 10


Kisii has a few housing estates mainly for the working class of the town .Rents for double bed roomed houses can go for between 5,000 in estates like Jogoo-15,000 in up market estates like Nyachae Flats and Gudka Flats while single rooms can go for between 1500 and 4,000 in most estates. Like most real estate houses near to the town tend to attract higher rent than ones outside the town. Though also a considerable number of the residents own their own homes in the outskirts of the town in areas like Menyinkwa, Gesonso, Nyamataro, Nyakoe and commute daily to the town. Some areas where you can find housing are Junction apartments ,Nyanchwa, Jogoo, Mwembe, Daraja Moja and Daraja Mbili, Goodmorning, Farm house apartments, Milimani apartments, Nubia, Suneka, Gensonso.

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