Nov 07

What we want His Honorable Governor James Ongwae to do for Kisii County ?

james ongwae pic

With the new constitution and county governments in Kenya, there have been a lot of expectations from Kenyans all over on county governors to deliver. We would love to know what you are expecting from His Honorable James Ongwae as the Kisii County governor for the next five years. Send your expectations by commenting on the form below or send an email to . We will gladly post your feedback on our website.



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Oct 29

With the love to my Town

… I would like to ask hii ifikie Mr.Ongwae. Kisii is a big town na i
would like mr ongwae asaidiane na leaders wengine hii town iwe more
smart n attractive. Inafaa piki piki zitolewe out of Town center juu
zimejaa sana. Pia wenye wanasmania council hizo buildings ziwe painted
atleast itoe picha poa. Hizo road in the town plz zijengwe. Lastly
sipendi vile kuna giza in town at night hrs. Streetlights hazifai
kukosa in such a big town. Thank u

From Jim Kibz in Kisii
Send us also your story,experience and we will gladly post it…..

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