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Oct 25

My road Trip From Kisii to Kilgoris | Ogembo,Magena,Kenyenya,Mogonga,Kiogoro,Nyangusu

bodaboda at stjudeskisii copy  Kilgoris  Town is located in Transmara  almost 52km from Kisii town. On your way you pass by smller towns or centres You pass by Kiogoro, Sameta , Ogembo, Mogonga (at Mogonga you branch to Kenyenya town, Magena, NyangusuNyangusu-Kilgoris and Kilgoris town . Part of the towns constitute the larger Gucha district. Was kind of disappointed since i thought Kilgoris was a big and more developed town. Actually Ogemboogembo-bus-stage seemed to be the bigger town along the Kisii-Kilgoris road. Must say Kilgoris is kind of  a sleepy town even though it has a notable of  butcheries and meat points (a plus for the time…that is from me since I kinda like “Nyama”(meat) within its town centre probably due to the large presence of the Maasai  people in the town. Also a key feature is shops selling beautiful Maasai beadworkcowrie-shell-necklace-made-in-kenya copy maasai-shuka-worlwide-delivery-wholesale copy Kenya Curio Shop Maasai Necklaces maasai-men-hand-bracelets copy maasai-guord-hanging-for-cars copy maasai-beaded-keyholders copy maasai-beaded-leather-belts copy though they are a bit pricy for the normal buyer.Oh and by the way accessing the great Maasai Mara reserve is very easy from the town but you will need a good vehicle to handle the terrain.

Some things I picked on my short trip to the town especially when travelling from the Kisii side, Be ready for a couple of things, First, don’t be choosy; as I was when boarding a matatu in Kisii Bus park that I wanted the front seat though at some point in the journey I was exchanged into another “matatu” at Ogembo then to another at Magena. A common cost cutting measure instead of going without since most matatus never go the entire journey as claimed at the boarding points. You will have no choice into which matatu you are exchanged into and refund is out of the question. Good thing about this arrangement in one way or another is that you won’t be charged extra as the manambas know how they do their thing only that it is time wasting-not suitable for one who wants to travel comfortably .Also be ready to be squeezed in the matatus. Especially avoid the first two 4passenger seats after the driver, they are the most notorious for overloading given a couple of manambas, short distance passengers and joyriders tend to squeeze themselves into that space. On the other seats, you will be given a “Sambaza” ,(it is a wooden piece of wood that acts as seat when it joins the 3 seats to accommodate the extra passenger).Don’t complain about it, actually it is a waste of time they will give you a dumb ear or just assume since also most of the time they are on some stuff-‘Kuber’ or local brews don’t go the entire journey.

Luckily the entire road to Kilgoris from Kisii is well tarmacked so the agony of being squeezed or mishandled is kind of reduced, now you can imagine going into the interiors e.g. Lolgorian and the likes?since that is the modus operandi,by the way the police will be smiling and waving to the drivers as you pass their checkpoints. Good thing is the journey should be fairly short if passengers are their otherwise you can take up to 3hours to reach Kilgoris from Kisii which otherwise should have taken 40 minutes.

Bon Voyage!!!!!!!

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