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How To Catch a Cheating spouse using an Android Phone

How to catch a cheating spouse using android phoneCheating causes a lot of distrust in relationships and in most cases it doesn’t end up well. Sometimes you are quite sure that your significant other is probably cheating on you but one thing you lack is concrete proof that they are actually doing it. One thing be sure though is that in this digital age, devices especially smart phones greatly aid someone who is cheating because at one point or another they will have to use it to make clandestine calls, texts or whatsapp messages. Of course most people who do cheat will normally delete all messages, call logs and other communication on their phones for fear of being found out. We live in a crazy world and it’s had to know sometimes who is loyal to you or not especially when it comes to relationships, it’s all nice with all the lovey-dovey stuff but sometimes you got to face the harsh reality that you might be getting cheated on. I am also not saying that you become a paranoid freak. Anyway let’s get back to on how to catch a cheating spouse using an Android phone.

Tell me more about this killer spy app for android

They are a couple of apps that run on android to help you do the sniffing and truth is most of them are just plain useless or either too pricy for one to buy. So, the other day I came across this app which thought can actually do the spy stuff but am sure that’s not the idea that motivated the creator to develop it. Actually I have been using it for quite some time on my android phone to back up my text messages to my Gmail account. Since I am a business guy I tend to use the app to backup most of my business messages, bank transaction confirmation messages and such for feature referencing. It was just a kind of “eureka moment “when I noticed that I can also use it for this other “spy stuff”. So I figured out that this app might really help out guys out there who would like to know what their significant others are upto especially fishy communications via their Android devices.

Which Android Spy App Is That?

How To Catch a Cheating spouse using an Android PhoneThe app is called the SMS Backup +  and you can find it on the Google Play Store and download it for free. Basically what is does is it backs up all your text messages, call logs and Whatsapp messages depending on the intervals you set. You link the app with your Gmail account and it will automatically do the backing up for you to your personal Gmail account. Of course also the phone will need an active internet or data connection for the backup to happen. Even if the data connection is off on the phone, it will automatically backup all content accumulated once it’s online again and falls within the preset backup intervals with the minimum interval being 30minutes. Configuration of the app is a no brainer and you should be setup in less than ten minutes. No geeky stuff!

With such an app you are ready to get the evidence you need to catch your cheating spouse, you can install the app on your phone and maybe do a phone exchange for a day or so with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. With most phones having a couple of apps installed it will take quite some time for the other person to notice that their messages and call logs are being backed up to your Gmail account. Another thing, it also it looks just like another harmless app on the phone. Good thing the app still works even when the SIM cards are interchanged, it will just keep backing up stuff until you reconfigure it or disconnect your Gmail account from the app. It’s easy as that and best thing it comes at no cost. Good thing about the app Is also you can restore all back upped data into another phone when you install the software and connect it with the previously attached Gmail account.

How do I access back upped information?

Login to the Gmail account you configured the Android app with; preferably from a desktop or laptop. On your left hand sidebar where you will get new labels created under the default labels SMS, Call Logs , Whatsapp . Click on any label and voila! you have all the back upped information from your spouse’s phone. Whatever you do with the information or should I call it ‘evidence’ is up to you!

Well, there you have it! Kindly share with us your experience using the app or suggestions. Good luck!

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