Nov 14

Kisii Soapstone Industry Empowerment Forum (KISEF) | Western Kenya Products

KISEF is a forum of enterprises of enterprises producing and marketing a variety of soapstone products based in Kisii County . The membership comprises entrepreneurs and investors who came together with the support of SITE EP , a local develppment organization whose aim is to improve the productivity in the sector and quality of lives of those who depend on soapstone.

Mission: To build the capacity of our members for innovative production and marketing and representing the interest of the soapstone sector.

KISEF is currently working with RILSOW, a programme of SITE EP in partnership with Action Against Poverty (APT) ED with the support of DFID(Department For International Development) UK

KISEF Members

  • KISAC Fair trade
  • Smolart Self Help Group
  • Bosinange Jua Kali
  • Kisii Cooperative Society
  • Tabaka Classic
  • Tabaka Jua Kali
  • Tabo Art Group
  • Tarazo Afrikana Ltd
  • Nyabigena Carvers cooperative
  • Nyakurukuruku Group
  • Stamocraft

Other organizations and programmes involved with different elements of the soapstone sector in Kisii County include:-

SITE EP-is a Kenyan nonprofit private development organization whose goal is the promotion of employment opportunities and economic growth among small scale producers and enterprises.

RILSOW-is a programme of SITE in partnership with APT and the key actors in the soapstone sector. The RILSOW initiative is working on the entire value chain; mines, mining, carving, export/market enterprises and the key buyers and collaborating with the relevant government agencies both at the local and national level.

OVOP Kenya-One Village One Product Programme in Kenya in conjunction with JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency)- is a project  designed specifically for regional development and to address most of the challenges facing local communities in exploitation of locally available resources.

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Nov 10

Demystifying Kenyan Cultures,Traditions ,Taboos,Myths on

According to Wikipedia, Kenya is a diverse country of 69 languages . With all these languages also comes with it a diverse mix of cultures , traditions ,taboos , myths etc . Some of them are outright ridiculous , strange , scary ,reasonable.Most of them were designed by our long gone ancestors  for a series of reasons ranging from well living , relationships , dispute resolutions and they were the strongholds of communities back then,they gave society the way to live.The world has greatly changed,mostly in the last century and Kenya has not been left behind in this new age revolution to the disadvantage or disappearance of these cultures .Truth is , most of these cultural norms have been bypassed by time but they are still some that will withstand the test of human revolution and are here to stay.Modernization has changed essentially all elements of our life but that does not mean we forsake our cultural norms e.g. Marriage , rites of passage(circumcision) , dispute resolution , cultural societal roles , male female relationships , children roles , symbolic gestures etc.

In this article we are intending to decipher and interact on our cultures ,taboos , rites of passages , myths and more . Leave a comment on the form below , you don’t have to be sure about its validity . Our large network of website users will help decipher the its correctness  . We are not limited by tribe e.g. Kisii , Luo , Kikuyu , Luhya , Kalenjin , Maasai , Turkana , Embu , Meru , Kenyan Somalis etc .

Share with us what you have heard or know about any Kenyan cultures and we will post them.

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